Essay about Corporal Punishment Is A Form Of Physical Discipline

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Corporal punishment is a form of physical discipline that involves intentional punishment of young Children; it is the uttermost disputable means of discipline. Most people support it, and the rest are against it. Some may disagree that it is an important means for when it comes to educating and disciplining a child, and others may believe that it is violent and harmful to young children. Although many parents still penalize their children, punishing a child runs the risk of exposing him or her to physical damage. If corporal punishment is used correctly, it can really be an effective way for parents to handle their children. It is known that when it comes to educating children, it is necessary for parents to do everything as kindly and gentle.
Corporal Punishment can be divided into three types: parental corporal punishment is the most important one, in which most people are familiar with, Judicial corporal punishment is the amount time in jail in which given to you by the state. Lastly, school corporal punishment is typically held within the school system, in which teachers or school administrators are able to give to students who are not well behave. These three types of corporal punishment are what’s affecting children nowadays. According to, “Corporal punishments such as spanking, hitting, pushing and grabbing are associated with the development of mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse and personality disorders”. This could change a child’s life as…

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