Core Elements Of Customer Care Essay

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Core element of Customer care:
Core elements of customer care meet, great, acknowledge, smile coordination etc.
Business objective: Solvency, Invertors, Shareholders, growth sustained, stability
Business policies: Profit market share, clean supply chain, marketing sales, to improve customer services
Legal responsibilities: Moral obligation, value of money, customer first

2) Poor customer care: impact of poor customer care are
Loss of customers
Loss of Repeat Business
Loss of Reputation
Loss of market share / customer shops elsewhere
Degrading of business/ Quality or stock position .

Customer care strategy of McDonalds
(a) The physical environment
The physical environment play important role in consumer care. Location of the business, should that where customer easily can go and feel comfortable. The internal temperature is maintained. McDonald uses the natural lighting, music systems, product display. Proper lighting and ambiences attract the customers and feel them relax.
In-store services
McDonald provides so many in store services such as McDonald provide fresh and hot fast food as well as fast customer services. McDonalds provide free internet facility to their customers so they can eat as well as do their online work. McDonalds provide so many in store services.

McDonalds also provide e services such as customers can get all promotion information and customer can give online feedback through McDonald website. If they have some complaints they can do…

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