Essay on Coping With Stress And Stress

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This study was designed in order to compare coping behaviors in response to stress. It is imperative that people understand coping mechanisms in relation to stress. Without proper knowledge of the benefits and risks coping mechanisms possess, individuals may deal with stress in a unhealthy way. People experience many forms of stress such as emotional, psychological, and physical stress. Knowing which coping style is better could possibly help people deal with stress in a way that could diminish or prevent physical, emotional, and psychological stress (“What is Stress”, 2011). Dealing with stress in an inappropriate way could cause even more stress on an individual. People deal with stress on a daily basis. Therefore, how can people decrease stress caused by situations they experience throughout their lives? Without proper knowledge of coping mechanisms, stress may cause adverse effects on the body. A study found that 44% of Americans report having more stress than they did five years ago and stress is the cause of 60% of all human illnesses. They also found that three out of four doctor visits are stress related (“The American Institute of Stress”, n.d.). To understand stress we must first ask “What is stress”?
How can we define stress? It is hard to define stress because depending on the person, something that causes stress for one person could be another person’s pleasure. Stress was first introduced in physics in order to give meaning to something that…

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