Essay On Campus Shooting

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State legislators are considering revoking gun-free school zones into a place where individuals in a classroom are allowed by permit to carry concealed firearms for safety purposes. This causes a fierce and rigorous debate amongst representatives from each side presenting their opinions to the government. In response to the gun debate, Obama held a speech due to the most recent gun shooting in Oregon on stricter gun control laws; discussing how laws should and will be changed due to all these atrocious incidents. Americans are devastated every time articles get published with heading such as, “Campus Shootings”, “15 Student Lives Lost due to School Shootings”, and so forth. Open fire on campus could prevent assaults for potential victims, although it can spur a different problem such as constant tension, suspicion and …show more content…
The college community is to educate, advocate and enlighten others to strive for success. People without the right education should not be usurped to have a gun on them, but rather the security and police officials who have undergone years of training. In addition, it would be irresponsible and inappropriate for a professor or student to use a gun in a combat situation without the proper training. A recent article discloses, “Many institutions believe that allowing weapons on campus has the potential to inflame tense situations, rather than defuse them. The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) has stated, "Even with the best of intentions, armed students or employees could escalate an already explosive situation further, accidentally cause harm or use a gun in a situation that is not warranted.”” (Vaidyanathan). If the laws change for college campuses to allow guns in the classroom/college campus this can potentially affect the high schools, secondary education and elementary level

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