Controversial Topic On Video Games Essay

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Controversial Topic Relating to Videogames
Video games have been around for many of years. With the first videogame console dating all the way back to the 1970s. However, the first commercial arcade video game, “Computer Space” by Nutting Associates, was introduced in 1971. The videogames that we know now are nothing like they use to be back in the 70s. With 155 million videogame players worldwide and about 80% in which have a gaming console in their household (North). With the gaming industry growing at a steady rate many professionals have formed different views on videogame usage within real world settings: several think that violent videogames cause violence in America, others think game ratings are ineffective, and some believe that videogames are beneficial and can teach players certain skills. While there are a vast majority of different arguments pertaining to videogames, this paper focuses on the three views that professionals all over the world are currently discussing about videogames in association to the real world.
Professionals like Olson believe that violent videogames cause violence in America. For example, in an article written by (Olson, Kutner and Baer) they conduct a study in hope to establish the link between violence and videogames. In their article “M-Rated Video Games and Aggressive or Problem Behavior Among Young Adolescents” They go on to discuss how students age 12-18 abut 25% said that they have been bullied in some way, and that kids that have…

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