Essay Contribution Of Carbohydrates As A Percent Of Overall Intake

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Contribution of carbohydrates as a percent of overall intake (relative intake)
1. 57% of my total caloric intake of 1,239 calories came from carbohydrates.
2. The Food and Nutrition Board recommends adults should get between 45-65% of their total caloric intake from carbohydrates.
3. Yes. As 57% of my total caloric intake of 1,239 calories came from carbohydrates and falls well within the recommended range which is anywhere between 45-65% of your total caloric intake should come from carbohydrates as suggested by the Food and Nutrition Board.
Carbohydrate consumption in grams (absolute intake)
4. The RDA for carbohydrate intake for adults is set at 130 grams per day.
a.) The RDA recommendation for carbohydrate intake for adults is 130 grams per day which is based on the minimum amount required to supply adequate energy to our brain whose preferred source of energy is glucose, as glucose can cross the blood-brain barrier easily and also the only source of energy for our red blood cells since they lack a mitochondria and can only perform anaerobic glycolysis and derive ATP and in pregnant women by the fetus and placenta. This value of 130 grams per day is the minimum amount that will satisfy energy needs of the brain and does not consider factors such as age, sex, height, weight and disease, and required by 97-98% of the general population and this is the basis of the RDA value.
b.) On average I consumed 182.05 grams per day of carbohydrates for the 5 day food diary.
c.) The…

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