Novel Vs Movie Research Paper

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Compare and contrast between films and novels Recently, for some people they prefer watching a film rather than reading a novel because they don't have time to read and it also depends on the reader reading speed (Lee 2010) . Fantasy movies may help enhance creativity in children and help them. Also, some people like to read a novel to improve there reading and writing skills. Novels help the reader have bigger imagination,visualize images, and you could understand words better. Books can last longer, and many people read a short story for there kids before they sleep. Meanwhile, films attracts the audiences, entertain, and excite them (Nguyen2009).Watching film or reading a novel have a lot in common, but in my opinion movies are better because it shows the significant facts.
The difference between watching a film and reading a novel, could be that the movies help you imagine the characters, events, environment, and problems that happened in the book (Marsooqi 2012). Also, in movies the characters have there own body language and actions. Most of the films contingent on real life stories or things that could happen.
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But, the problem that some films change a few details that are in the novel or change the ending. Both films and novels can be based on real life situations, but as what’s happening now, films and novels have become the source of reality (Eva 2011). The problem of a film is that producers need to cut some scenes in order the film not to be long, so the audiences get bored, while in a book it has all the details and characters that the film could not have (Lee 2010). Most of the people like to watch the film and not reading the novel and people like to read first then watch the film. Reading a book can be anti social while movies you can talk to friends and look back at

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