Essay Contemporary Styles And Eras Of Art

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During this course, we have learned many styles and eras of art from 1200 to 1900. In this class, we also act as art historians, so we consider; how old the painting is, what is the style of the work of art, what is the subject, who made it, and who paid for it. These questions help with the understanding of why the art was made and find the era that the art belongs. We have studied many styles and eras, and I believe this painting, Madonna and child, was created in the late medieval period, perhaps in the early thirteen-hundreds. The painting is from the early renaissance in Florence, Italy. It is a step forward from breaking away from the maniera greca style. Cimabue and Giotto were one of the first painters to break away from the maniera greca style. I believe this because this painting looks similar to Giotto’s Madonna Enthroned in the 1310 in Florence, Italy. I consider that the painting is from the thirteen-hundred, and it is from the renaissance era for three main reasons: the breaking away from the gothic style, adding volume to the bodies, and having the bodies not looking at us directly. First of all, the breaking away from the gothic style. Both paintings were in transaction of getting to the renaissance, but still had some gothic style in them. The two paintings have a gold leaf flat background which is one of the characteristics of that period of time. Although the gold leaf is part of the gothic style, the painting is a breaking away from the maniera greca…

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