Consuming The Earth Is Consuming Our Future Essay

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Consuming the Earth is Consuming our future.

Babies?! We are eating babies now! who would ever eat a baby that is absolutely horrible! My baby would never be touched by anyone who could be one of those crazy baby eaters, it insane! Where are they doing this? We must stop this horrible scene right now, lets all get together and stop this nonsense. When our eye is caught by this very controversial advertisement it is definitely doing its job. Making what is not considered something that is seen or shouldn 't even be thought of out there in the open. So it is doing what it should, catching our eye. Of course we know that the advertisement is not real and that nobody is really eating babies, but it does put into perspective how we are treating our children that will grow up and live on this same earth that we are living on now. Every time we cut down a tree or put toxic waste into our landfills or into the oceans we are not just hurting ourselves, we are hurting the future. Not too many people are thinking that far into the future of “well how are they going to survive once we use everything up?” We live on this amazing eat that provides us with many different things that we need to survive. But when we don 't take care of it, it’s like hurting our children since someday they will be struggling to survive when every resource on the earth has been used up. This image following Flemings arguments for the image works perfectly. This image doesn 't really have two ways to…

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