Constructivism And Social Constructivism Theory Essay

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Constructivism and Social Constructivism in the Classroom


For this work, I would like to focus on “Constructivism and Social Constructivism in the classroom” in the scope of this course.

In the following sections, I will explain the meaning and the basics of constructivism theory, the origin of it and the starting point of the theory. In addition, importance of constructivism theory will be discussed. Furthermore, the supporters of constructivism, the advantages and disadvantages of constructivism, and the critics about constructivism will be analyzed. Finally, the differences between traditional classroom and constructivist classroom will be evaluated. To begin with, I would like to mention about the meaning and origin of constructivism. What is constructivism? Why is it important? Based on scientific studies, constructivism is a theory about people’ learning. The main idea is: How people learn? It is believed that people build their own understanding and knowledge by experiencing things (bad or good, positive or negative). When we encounter something new, we have to reunite it with our previous knowledge, ideas and experiences. By doing this, it might change our thoughts and the way of thinking that we believe previously or discard the new information by considering it is an irrelevant issue or topic. That’s the fact that we are the active creators of our own knowledge in any circumstances, it does not…

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