Construction Worker Observation

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Oddly, the group I analyzed was mixed with all kinds of different people. These contrasting personalities all bonded over the one thing they all had in common: their dogs. Even if they had a dog entirely opposite of another, they still found a common topic that had to do with their canines. The diverse range of people who attend the dog park was tremendous. A conversation between two people that stood out the most to me was between a hippie and a construction worker. The construction worker had these tattoo laced arms with a bald head and muscular body. Expectantly, the hippie had a colorful bandana wrapped around his long brown hair and a frail frame. Even their dogs were the complete opposite, the construction worker had two outgoing pitbulls. …show more content…
Every single person their said yes, that they view them as children, brothers, sisters, or best friends. Although a human and dog are two different species, they still form a family. For some, such as Justin, his dogs were the only family he had. Justin claimed that Bella and Brusky, his two dogs, ¨are all [he] has for family and they are basically [his] kids.¨ Everyone at the park agreed that their companions will always be considered their family and they would give so much for them to be happy. Overall, all of the people who attend are there for the same thing: to socialize. While their dogs run and play, the owners partake in conversation and share stories and advice that allow them to connect to each other. Plus, they gain new knowledge or meet a new breed they have never seen before. To conclude, the most positive place I have ever been would be the dog park. The majority of dogs and people are joyful and energetic. They emit a positive aura that adjusts your mood as soon as you pass through those two gates. Honestly, the people their are the best kind of people to be around. If they didn’t follow human courtesies, they would all be just like the dogs. Sniffing each other’s rear ends while their long pink tongues hang out of the side of their mouths. They would all joyfully be loping about socializing with everyone and not giving a care as to how they

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