Conflict Theory: The Circle, A Dystopian World

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The Circle by the American writer and publisher, Dave Eggers, a dystopian world takes place at an influential {high tech} company called The Circle. The Circle is founded by a group of men called “The Wise Men.” One of the wise men, Ty Gospodinov, creates an online website called TruYou which is “one account, one identity, one password, one payment system, per person”(Dave Eggers 21). The purpose of TruYu is to make people’s lives easier by eliminating the creation of multiple accounts for different websites with the intent of stopping false identity and identity theft (Eggers 21). The main character, Mae Holland, a recent graduate from Carleton U, works at a utility company at the beginning of the novel. Not pleased and contented with her …show more content…
Conflict theory is one of the three theoretical paradigms, which is the approach on how to make sense of social phenomena. Conflict theory is the idea that “power and resources are unevenly distributed in society” (Rotondi). Therefore, based on these resources individuals and groups will have different interests and as a result, conflict exists. Conflict theory also examines the inequality of social structures. One of the main questions that Marx asks when it comes to conflict theory is “Who benefits?” (Rotondi). Because conflict theory is a macro-level perspective, it does not explain consensus and solidarity instead provides critical evaluation of existing structures and the promotion of social change (Rotondi). An important aspect of conflict theory is that social structures are part of a problem. Social class is an example of social structure because the different social types that exist may not have access to same resources. For instance, people in socio-economic classes may not have the same education opportunities than someone from the high class. The Circle provides scenes where conflict theory is seen and also demonstrates how people from Mae’s hometown don’t have the same life chances like the people who work at The Circle

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