Conflict Is An Innate Aspect Of Life Essay

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Confucius said, "A man living without conflicts, as if he never lives at all." (Confucius, n.d.). Conflict is an innate aspect of life. Conflict can be damaging, directing the participants to magnify negative emotions and attitudes toward each other and waste needless energy that can be rather spent more productively. Conflict can also aggravate differences and result in divisions and polarization between the conflicting groups of people. However, if managed well, conflict can be constructive, allowing the conflicting parties to release negative feelings and tension and take advantage of the resolution to maintain understanding and collaboration. (O’Reardon, 2011). Whether as an individual or group, the capability to tackle problems using collaborative application and critical thinking methods is imperative in accomplishing comprehensive success. (Skillsyouneed, 2015). Personally, I have encountered several conflicts throughout my career life and have applied various techniques to tackle and resolve such conflicts. In this paper, I will display a common conflict I have encountered at work and how I handled it, while comparing it to the Root Cause Analysis tool I have learned from this week 's reading.

I work in the home renovation and small garden design business. Throughout my career, I have been working under the supervision of architects and designers and in command of contractors and technicians. In order for a project to materialize and meet and, sometimes, exceed…

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