The Importance Of External Security

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How do you feel about the revelation that the government is collecting phone records and internet data from millions of Americans? Do you feel as if your civil liberties are being challenged? It is only understandable to feel such violation, however, it is important to remember that America is a democracy, and the government can only act upon us as much as we, the people, allow them to. Looking as far back as the seventeenth century, during the Thirty Years War in Europe and the Civil War in England, it was established that the nation-state should have sovereign control over external security as well as domestic affairs. Though there were probably many different interpretations on intervening in general external affairs, such as the control of foreign countries for protection, expansion is …show more content…
We both agree that as Americans we have the freedom to keep to ourselves and protect our information, however we believe that there are certain situations that we need to be open to sharing our lives. When we think of the world right now, we see violence at every corner. Not only in the United States, but in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, etc. We don’t understand the terror that is happening around us and how the government is preventing that horror from crossing into our borders. There are extreme measures in place at the moment, such as the surveillance of phone records and internet data, however it’s for the benefit of the country’s national security. After all, we cannot have privacy without national security, right? Most of our information, such as our social security number, comes from the government themselves, and they aren’t going around sharing it with other countries or people. It is an example of how our nation keeps our information private while still having access to it; we trust them to keep that number safe from others getting ahold of it (tying back to identity

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