Conditional And Unconditional Love

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To define love, it is an intense feeling of deep affection. The love between two people should always be conditional. You can fall out of love as easily as it is to fall in love.
Conditional love and unconditional love are two ways a person can show their love to one another. Conditional love can be earned by gaining loyalty and trust in another person. When you express conditional love, you love the person because of how they treat you and love you. Unconditional love is being able to love someone no matter what. When you express unconditional love for someone you care about the happiness of another person without knowing what the other person's intentions are.
I prefer to offer and receive conditional love because I would not want to give false love or get false love. For example, if my boyfriend told me I look good in everything and I decided to wear a purple striped shirt with orange pants, Will I look good then? Another example is, If my boyfriend cheated on me with one of my friends, do I accept the fact and still love him? Love requires trust and commitment from both people in a relationship.
Conditional love depends on what you do rather than who you are. For example, a boy tells a girl she is beautiful because she does not wear makeup or if your best friend is only supportive until you make a mistake. Those are examples of conditional
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For example, if a man told a woman that he’ll love her no matter what because she is sweet and loving, this is an example of unconditional love. However, over time she started to be impolite and rude, this is an example of conditional love. This would be an example of unconditional love changing to conditional love because he told her he will love her no matter what but when she started to change for the worse his love for her

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