Essay On Hamlet's Love For Ophelia

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Love is a very beautiful but complicated feeling. Some people are blessed to have the love of their life, but others are not. Love can be so challenging. It is not something you play with, the feeling isn 't something you can get raid of easily. You might deny or pretend like you don 't care but deep down it hurts to be rejected or not to be with the love of your life. Love can make you or break you. To be loved by the person you are in love with is like winning a trophy in life because love is something you can 't buy with any amount of money; it is a gift from God. Every person has his or her way of expressing their feelings. Some people are open about their feelings but others such as Hamlet are very closed and scared of expressing their feeling because they are scared they …show more content…
He wants to be viewed as a strong man who isn 't sensitive and who doesn 't care about love. Hamlet’s stubbornness makes it hard to understand what his actual feelings are toward Ophelia. He is always defensive and protective when it comes to his feelings toward Ophelia. Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is very obstruct and hard to understand. Hamlet’s feelings are everywhere throughout the book, he is unpredictable. In some scenes it is clear that he has been in love with Ophelia but in other scenes Hamlet denies his love for Ophelia. Hamlet not just denied his feeling for Ophelia, he also rejected her. However, Hamlet had reasons for denying his love for Ophelia. The first is that after his father’s death his life turned in to a living hell, and that made things very complicated. His father’s death made him realize that he can’t trust anyone. He witnessed that the things he thought were precious in life has been taken for granted, such as love, family, and loyalty. He thought his mom’s second marriage to Claudius is nothing but a betrayal of love because she married her husband’s brother right after his

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