Conclusion On Abortion

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Many views have been considered towards abortion. It is regarded as one of the most crucial issues to be discussed. I have chosen this topic since it represents a heated debate that involves lots of views and perspectives. Also, this topic has been at the top of many agendas for discussion to reach somewhere between the two extremes those who adopt abortion as an option and others who oppose tis belief. In this research, I will be presenting views regarding abortion and thoughts of concerned people will be considered and further discussed; for those who believe that abortion is legal and opponents to these views are presented, and a third team who tries to strike the balance between the two extremes and a conclusion could
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This group is "pro- choice " they do believe that having a baby is a matter of choice that a woman only or in some cases a couple should be in agreement to take this serious decision that might affect their whole life. Abortion is the wisest choice if the woman is not ready to have a child. In my research, views of advocates of those " Pro- choice " will be presented and supported by real life situations and stories. In our class readings , I was assigned an article entitled " Naked " written by a doctor named Atul Gawande who depicts the topic of male physicians performing normal checkups of female patients. The writer explains how some female patients were exposed to some sort of sexual harassment that ranged from a complete sexual intercourse to illegal touches in some sensitive parts of the body such as the pelvic, rectal or genital organs. Here the patient might wonder " did the doctor really need to touch me here? " wrote Dr. Atul. If any of those rapes or illegal intercourses led to pregnancy, what should the patient do? Or how should she deal with this new fetus in her womb? Advocates of " Pro- choice " are certain that the woman should end this pregnancy immediately. It is enough for her to cure herself out of this horrifying …show more content…
In case, a mother will be highly and bodily affected by this pregnancy. Also, it is also agreed that in certain circumstances if the baby is proven to have a disability or to be mentally retarded. In these situations, abortion could be accepted. ' 'Speaking as one who had never experienced that painful situation, I would say abortion is not the preferred solution. However, after reading accounts from medical doctors of the great suffering ' Larry Baden ' ' and pain involved, I would agree to end the pregnancy by abortion. Furthermore, in our English class we were given an essay written by Martha Mendoza. ' 'This Essay was nominated as a National Magazine Awards Finalist 'Martha Mendoza '. It is entitled in “Between a woman and her doctor; a story about abortion you will never forget”. Martha depicts a story of a mother who was in her 19 weeks pregnancy when surprisingly, while a normal check- up, she found that her baby is dead. “It’s not a live” said her doctor. Martha explains and shows in details how this mother suffered both physically and psychologically because of not being able to abort her deadly baby in her

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