Essay on Concept Analysis of Patient Centered Care

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Concept Analysis of Patient Centered Care
Monet J. Scott
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR: 501 Theoretical Basis Advance Nursing
May 2015

Concept Analysis of Patient Centered Care

A concept analysis seeks to outline, distinguish, and enhance the clarity of the nursing profession as well as stimulate future research endeavors. Within the development of a concept analysis, notions and thoughts are outlined and examined through the fundamental features of that particular concept. According to Walker & Avant (2011), the seven steps to accomplishing a concept analysis includes the selection of a concept, determining the purpose of analysis, identifying all uses of the concept, defining attributes, identifying a model
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Respect is a prominent principal in the healthcare environment. Respect not only incorporates the interaction between the nurse and patient but it also integrates the concept of privacy and dignity. Without respect or effective communication, high quality health care is neglected. Tasks such as protecting the patients’ health information and addressing the patient by name are concepts of respect that can be classified as patient centered care.
Concept Usage Providing patient centered care opportunes the individual patient to become more actively involved in care resulting in improved positive patient outcomes. According to Lee & Lin (2010), patient centered care is accentuated as an aim for the quality of care improvement and the enhanced communication amongst patient and the healthcare disciplines.. The goal of patient centered care is alleviation of patient weaknesses through the integration of patient and healthcare collaboration (Hobbs, 2010). Patient weaknesses can have a detrimental effect on the overall outcome of health. Some weaknesses may include, compliance, lack of interest, and prolonged or continuation of the disease process. As stated above, incorporating patient centered care can lead to a cessation in those barriers.
Defining Attributes Patient autonomy is a beneficial factor in the execution of patient centered care. The ability

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