Persuasive Essay On Hand Guns Should Be Illegal

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Imagine being a witness of an attack between a criminal and an elderly lady, wanting to help but it is not that easy to approach the attacker without any protection. Will carrying a gun make anyone feel safe? For many, carrying a handgun is by far the safest protection. One way to acknowledge the purpose is to understand is because it is an American constitutional right, the prevention of mass shooting and protection of robbers or kidnappers. However, being able carry a concealed handgun will stop those who are bold to start a mass shooting, rape and rob others. Carrying a concealed handgun can also be dangerous to some in a few ways, such as: accidental discharge, emotional/mental instability and escalation of tense situations. The author …show more content…
With that right, the people of our country can protect themselves with their safety. Being able to walk the streets and not be afraid of some random attack hurting them is a great feeling. The rights our country is giving should be use for the good and not the bad. Furthermore, carrying a concealed hand gun can prevent many deaths in mass shootings. With a lot of mass shooting as happened off guard with those who do not have protection with them during these situations. Being able to carry a handgun should not be spoken down upon. For those who can protect themselves during random massive shootings will be able to prevent many deaths during the attack. If no one can be able to protect themselves during random attacks, why are the people of America living by the Constitutional Rights? As mentioned in the previous paragraph, we have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves. Lastly, having the right to carry a concealed handgun gives everyone protection when being attacked by kidnapper and robbers. Carrying the gun can stop criminals from attempting to do the crime. With the protection of a handgun, the people of today has decreased the rape, robbery and kidnapping attacks. It can have criminals thinking twice about attacking someone. Keeping these types of crimes from happening will make the world a better place to live in without any

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