Concealed Handguns Essay

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Circle or highlight your position. (Keep in mind that you cannot be “pro” or “con” for all three topics)
I am “Pro” I am “Con”
Summary of most important points for your side of the issue. This must include 5 distinct points stated in complete sentences:
• If more people were to start carrying handguns that would lead criminals to believe that victims are more likely to have a gun so the criminal will be more likely to also carry a gun.
• Although there are requirements that need to be met in order to obtain a gun they are not strict enough so dangerous people can still obtain them.
• Allowing concealed handguns increase the amount of crime that takes place.
• In someone where to carry a concealed handgun that increase the chances
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• Opposition 2:Responsble citizens should have the right to arm themselves against criminals with guns. o Rebuttal 2:This is partially true but the problem is who would be the one that determines who is responsible and who isn’t. Also victims who carry a concealed weapon are more likely to be shot in a confrontation that a victim that does not carry.
Policy brainstorming: Based on the summary points above, what do you recommend be changed or implemented? Do you want there to be a law put in place – where will the law occur? Do you want to start a new tax – who or what will be taxed? Do you want an educational program to be created – in what setting will the education be conducted? Include at least 2 plausible ideas that are described in sufficient detail:
1. One policy suggestion is to implement new requirements, that are stricter, that must be met in order to receive a concealed weapons license. It will include a series of test that will evaluate the person in order to assure they are physically and emotionally stable. Also a fee or tax will be implemented. These implementations will take place in all the
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Another policy recommendation could be the implementation of an educational program on gun safety in all middle schools. This program will allow for the younger generations to be informed on guns, this way if they do choose to have one when older of if they are around one at all they will know what to do and what not to do.
Policy recommendation: Now, select just one of the policy recommendations you listed above and discuss the specific components of this policy recommendation. You should be clear and specific about what the policy is, who or what it’s directed to, and what the implications are. In addition, you might answer some of these questions here: How will you implement your policy? Who will need to follow it? How will people or adhere to your policy? (This will be what you discuss in the final paragraph of your policy

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