Concealed Guns And Concealed Handgun Essay

1005 Words Nov 14th, 2015 null Page
In today’s society, it is no surprise that our crime rates are very high because of the misuse of firearms. Firearms are used for protection, but citizens also have the option of abusing it. With that being said, should adults have the right to carry a concealed handgun? Advocates believe that responsible citizens should have the right to arm themselves against criminals. They support the idea of adults who carry concealed handguns are law-abiding and do not misuse their firearms. In addition, proponents suggest that concealed handguns protect people who cannot always rely on police forces for protection. On the other hand, detractors believe that carrying a concealed handgun increases the chances of a confrontation escalating and turning lethal. Critics also believe that concealed carry application requirements and background checks do not prevent dangerous people from acquiring weapons. They encourage public safety to be left to professionally qualified police officers, not private citizens with little to no expert training. Although this topic creates a lot of controversies, having a concealed handgun can lead to the increase of the misuse of a firearm whether it’s by a law-abiding citizen, a dangerous person, or simply from the lack of training. Advocates of concealed carry argue that responsible citizens should have the right to arm themselves against criminals with guns. From their perspective, criminals will always carry guns. When carrying a concealed handgun,…

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