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IRE2002Y 2006-2006 Radhakrishnan

Rationale for Your Research Project (15%)

This assignment encourages you to develop your skills in inquiry. That is, it gives you an opportunity to learn and demonstrate your skills in describing a phenomenon of interest, defining concepts to study that phenomenon, and in making arguments for and against expecting the phenomenon to occur. Follow the steps provided and answer the questions below as best as you can in the assignment to demonstrate these skills.

Unlike other courses’ written assignments, this assignment does not have any page limit nor stylistic requirements. Instead, it requires you to devote your attention to developing content. I will assess you on how well you can convey your
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So you describe another study (say Study 2) that demonstrates that happy people were less productive than unhappy people. Now to make sense, you will have to write about the similarities and differences between the studies to help me understand why these two studies find such different results. Therefore, to demonstrate good writing skills you will have to learn how to describe relevant and specific details about a study.

IV. Once you start describing the evidence you will realize that you need to define the terms used in the research. Thus it becomes important to gather research articles that help you in defining the concepts. These articles may not specifically describe evidence that supports or does not support your hypothesis, but they are useful nonetheless. So do not hesitate to do read and research further so that you are better able to explain what the terms mean.

IV. After you have described the evidence and defined the terms the next writing task for you to do is explain the evidence for and against the hypothesis. Going back to the example of the hypothesis that happy people are more productive, explaining in this case involves writing why happy people are more productive. Is it because happy people are more motivated and this increased motivation makes them more productive? Or is it because happy people get more help from others which makes them

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