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Sergio Malone

Chapter 1 Check Your Understanding

Which of the following statements accurately describe differences between a LAN and a WAN? (Choose two)

Companies can use a WAN to connect remote locations, and a LAN can make a local connection in a building D. Only WANs require a CSU/DSU to be used on the ends of the cable.

Network professionals belong to organizations that plan and define standards used in networking. Which of the following are recognized industry organizations? (Choose two)


Which of the following are true about a router? (Choose three)

A. Routers enable different IP networks or IP subnets to communicate with each other. C. Path selection is one of the main
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(Choose two)

B. Accessing the router to change configurations D. Password recovery

In the following figure, which setting is different from the default for connecting to a Cisco router?

A. Bits per second

Which of the following are data-link encapsulations for WAN? (Choose three)

A. Frame Relay B. RIP C. IETF

Which of the following are used in WANs? (Choose two)

B. Router C. Modem

Which of the following describe the function of flash memory in a router? (Choose three)

A. Holds the Cisco IOS software image C. Keeps its contents when a router is rebooted D. Can store multiple versions of Cisco IOS software

Which of the following are true about out-of-band router management? (Choose three)

A. Can be performed using the console port with a rollover cable D. Can allow troubleshooting when a link is down E. Can be performed using a dialup connection

Which of the following are true about the items shown in the following figure? (Choose three)

A. Item B contains serial interfaces B. Items C and D can be used for router management D. Item B can accept either DTE or DCE cables

Which statement is true about a router? (Choose one)

B. NVRAM stores the startup configuration file, and RAM stores the running configuration.

Sergio Malone

Chapter 2 Check Your Understanding

Which statement best describes CLI?

C. It is a text-based interface using a keyboard

Which scrolling through output

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