Computers And Craniums : A Continuing Cycle Of Connections Essay

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Computers and Craniums: A Continuing Cycle of Connections

The enigma of the human mind is a puzzle that has fascinated many great scientists. From the earliest musings of the ancient philosophers to the advanced neuroscience research going on today, many intelligent people have worked to understand what is going on in our own heads. In an interesting phenomenon, our understanding of the mind is intimately linked to the technology that is used to study it, and the new findings that arise feed directly back into the development of new tools. As scientific equipment has become capable of better observing the brain and human behavior, the mind has come to be understood more as an incredibly complex machine than as an incomprehensible mass residing inside our skulls. Simultaneously, as this machine-like understanding of the mind has developed, humanity has begun to ponder the plausibility of mind-like machines, or machines endowed with the same mental abilities as humans. This progression can be seen in Hugo Münsterberg 's descriptions of Harvard 's psychology laboratory, in the portrayal of the mind in the movie Gateways to the Mind, and through Alan Turing 's musings about artificial intelligence. Together, these works reveal that technology and the understanding of the mind exist in a closely related cycle. In an article published in 1893 in the “Harvard Graduate 's Magazine,” Hugo Münsterberg describes Harvard 's newly established psychology lab and discusses the changes…

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