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Chapter 1
Background of the Study Computer has led to groundbreaking outcome which completely revolutionized the society. One display of these fast growing advancements to society is computer gaming. Teenagers who are playing these computer games said that they are playing these games just for fun, to keep away from the heat of the sun, without knowing that there are a lot of effects of playing these games that are more than what they think.
In 2006, Luke Ahearn stated that “Game development is booming! In the past few years many books have been written, more information than ever is available on the internet, and many colleges are offering courses – even degrees – in game development.” In addition, Adams & Rolling
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Swartout and van Lent found that the goals of different levels help motivate learners to continue playing. (Dondlinger, 2007, p. 24) Although participation of many people to video games has made the world of computer gaming around the world to be much exciting, adventurous, and thrilling, most of its effects have led these gamers to lose self-control, and become overly attached to gaming as time goes by. It requires much of the player's time, leaving school activities and home works unattended. “Computer games can be beautiful, they can be entertaining, they can be social, and they can be worrying.” (Egenfeldt-Nielsen & Smith, 2003) The Entertainment Software Rating Board confirms that approximately 67 percent of U.S. play video games, with 49 percent from ages 18 to 49, with an average gamer spending 8 hours a week playing video games. The more time children and teenagers spend in computer gaming, the more time they lose their social activity and lose their focus on reality. Through the years, researchers found that educational software and games can indeed have several very positive effects on children's academic skill. Over a period of time, video games including arcade games, tablet games and home console games such as PlayStation also moved into children's homes. Children began playing

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