Computer Technology And Its Effects On Children 's Health Essay

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Providing Technology to Students
Imagine walking around for seven hours, with a textbook for almost every class along with notebooks and binders to go along with it. It was found that students are carrying backpack loads that weigh 15% more than their actual body weight (“Study: School Backpacks Too Heavy”). This can damage the body along with their posture. If these physical textbooks are replaced with digital textbooks on computers or iPads, that will take off a great load of weight, thus improving children’s health. Education systems all across the country are switching to digital textbooks and electronics to replace paper textbooks. They save schools money because of their constant updating of information, opposed to purchasing new textbooks with out of date information within a week of buying them. Schools are skeptical to using these online textbooks because they are afraid that the students will have trouble with adapting to reading from an electronic instead of a physical textbook. These digital textbooks may or may not make schools provide electronics to the students, which causes fear that the students will not use the electronics for the right reasons. Providing electronics and using digital textbooks is very beneficial to students and the school, for these online textbooks will help adapt to students with different learning styles and are far more advanced with information.
Students can get their work done faster when they are able to take their school work home…

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