Computer Programs, Smart Phones Applications, And Atm 's Software Become Our Right Hand Every Day

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Computer programs, smart phones applications, and ATM’s software become our right hand every day. Bashir Mukshar is one of the earliest people how decided to study Programming in the latest of 1990s. Bashir is a 42 years old American man born in Manhattan, NY. While he was in school his favorite two classes were math and science. After he graduated and got his bachelor degree in programming he started teaching programming in high schools and some colleges for about 15 years, while he was working on some programming projects for New York state offices. He is a multi-tasking organized man who was able to teach the new generation of young future programmers while he was serving the state office’s needs.
Bashir born in a business family. His dad and uncles were having many grocery stores and gas stations. Therefore, his dad didn’t want him to get a college degree. He wanted him to enter the business world and forget about his college education, but Bashir was having a lot of motivation to get his college degree in his preferred major. His preferred major was programming because he was good in math and science and he liked to create applications and learn programming languages which are based on math so he found himself in the programming major. His mom helped him to enroll in college and she paid for his classes for four years because she believed in his abilities. Though he was the youngest of four children and they were all working in business and they didn’t complete their…

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