Computer Info Essay

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1. What are the six focuses of information security today?

The six main focuses of information security today are data, networks, procedures, people, hardware, and software. This is what anyone in the field of information security needs to know to be able to adequately protect the system and its information.

2. What are the differences between “viruses”, “worms”, and “Trojan horses” as examples of malicious software?

A virus is malicious code which will lower or stop system performances. A worm on the other hand is a special type of virus that spread through the memory to avoid detection and will consume the computers resources. a Trojan horse is any type of malicious software that uses a trigger to activate,
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5. Give three examples of potential attacks against a business for which a business must protect itself?

One threat a business must protect itself against is trespassing or unauthorized access of the information system. this can be prevented by making secure passwords that change every so often. Another threat business have to deal with is vandalism. Business must make sure disgruntled employees don't try to smash computers or hard drives with valuable information on them. This also relates to the third threat of theft. Businesses do not want employees stealing valuable information from the company.

6. What has been the primary use of “computer fraud and abuse act” of 1986?

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 made it illegal to use computers to commit fraud by using technology to misrepresent one's identity. It is most commonly used to prosecute cases of identity theft and credit card theft.

7. What has been the impact of the HIPPA act of 1996 on individuals?

The Health Insurance Probability Act of 1996 required hospitals and doctors to share and allow access to authorized medical information. This act was tested by granting access to medical information about a spouse who had contracted AIDs to their unknowing significant other.

8. What has been the impact on business of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 1999?

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