Essay Computer Exercise One And Two

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Computer exercise one and two Nominal level data was identified based on the parameters that it is mutually exclusive and exhaustive. It cannot be ranked but it maybe assigned a number such as one or two for classification purposes Burns, Grove, Gray (2013), Using the bladder study provided in SPSS, nominal level data were identified as, education level, ethnicity, zip code and marital status. Two modes were identified from the nominal level data. For ethnicity the mode was African American (n = 54), for education the mode was completed high school (n =30). Mode is the subset with the highest number of participants, or most repeated number. Interval level data is data that follows the rules of nominal and ordinal level data with the addition of equal intervals, Burns, Groves, & Gray, (2013). The interval level data identified in the bladder study were: total volume IV fluids, bladder scanned volume, catheterized volume, gravida, para, and length of stay in hours. Interval level data was calculated using SPSS, and is displayed in appendix A, (p 3). Total volume of IV fluid infused ranged from 210 milliliter (ml) to 15000 ml; the calculated range is 14790 ml, with a mean of 1552.5859 ml. The mode for volume IV fluid infused was 1000 ml (n=19), the median was 1254 ml, meaning 50% of the participants were above this infused volume and 50% of the participants were below this infused volume. The calculated mean was 1552, 5859 ml, this was the average amount of IV fluid in…

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