Comprehenesive Classroom Technology Plan Essay

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

Section One: Mission and Vision Statement
My Mission is to help students become a contributing and productive member of society by the use of intellectual, academic, and cultural experience through instruction. I will infuse technology in the classroom, have students become technology literate, and will motivate them to learn.
My vision is that all my students will have access to state-of-the-art technology that will allow them to be proficient in reading, writing, and mathematics, prepare them for the next level of education, and be successful at attaining the skills that are required of today's work force. Our students are growing up in a society that is technology based. It is our
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If schools and teachers keep using technology in the classroom, our students will have bright futures and be will be able to handle the newest technologies of future generations.
Section Two: Communications Plan
The first year of being a teacher can be a rough, but rewarding year. As a first time teacher, you are learning what to do in the classroom and how to communicate with students and parents, and you need to make sure that your students are getting the proper education. With the help of technology, your first year of teaching can run much more smoothly. There are several different ways to incorporate technology in your classroom. Some of the things I plan on doing my first year of teaching are making a class website as well as individual student websites, having ePals from across the country, and using other forms of communication through the internet. I also plan on teaching my students safety on the internet. I want learning in my classroom to be fun and interesting, and with the use of technology this can be achieved. One of the first things I would like to do when becoming a teacher is to develop my own class website. My class website will promote parent/guardian involvement. There will be a section just for the parents where they can find out information on what their child is doing in the classroom. This link will also give them my personal contact information and give them

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