Classroom Management In Elementary Schools

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Classroom management is something that all teachers provide in order to establish a safe and structured learning environment. According to Wong (n.d), an effective teacher will have a plan in place that provides students with a clear understanding of procedures and rules necessary for the class to function in a manner for learning to take place. Effectively managing a group of students requires having knowledge of various strategies and the ability to implement them so that the focus is on teaching and learning rather than discipline. This paper will address the school/class environment and the purpose of establishing class rules.
Willy Wonka Elementary school is a public school that has 625 students in attendance. I will be
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According to Slavin (2015), teachers are allocated time to teach students and when they stay on task they do not waste time which results in more learning taking place. The effective or appropriate classroom environment is one where interruptions are minimal (pg.274), classroom procedures are routine, students are engaged, behaviors are addressed in the least distracting manner (pg. 280), and students are held accountable for their behavior and learning. The environment should be one that is friendly and …show more content…
This cognitive ability is known as conservation. Piaget also believed that children ages nine and under would be challenged when trying to think abstractly so he suggested that concepts be presented in a more concrete manner to help children understand. Piaget also associated intellectual growth with cultural experiences. Researchers realized that Piaget’s theory on development was not completely accurate. Research has shown that while children do develop at different stages they are not restricted based on age as Piaget believed. Cultural experiences dictate the type of knowledge a child obtains and has an impact on their ability to reason and think abstractly. A child that grows up in a culture where they have to create items like pottery will develop conservation skills sooner than Piaget believed because they are frequently making judgements about the amount of materials they need to use.
In conclusion, the results of this paper has expressed the importance and purpose of creating an effective learning environment. This is done through having understandable rules and procedures in place while providing a safe and caring environment in which learning can take place. Students need to understand that there are positive and negative consequences put in place to maintain structure and to discourage interruptions. The classroom is another community and having an understanding

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