The Importance Of Classroom Management Discipline Plan

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Looking back to when I was a child to now taking educational classes and actually being in the classrooms, opened my eyes to numerous things that I never took into consideration. Educators have a lot on his or her plate. They have a lot of little details that he or she must take into consideration before a new school year begins. One major aspect that must be taken into consideration is how to have an effective classroom management discipline plan and how to incooperate parental involvement. To have an effective classroom where learning and fostering of young minds can take place is to have effective classroom rules and procedures set at the beginning of the school year. Students need to know your expectation from the beginning. Teachers must …show more content…
The students and I will have a class discussion about classroom rules and procedures. I will get their input about what they think classroom rules and procedures are. This will begin the process of establishing classroom rules. Student participation is vital to this process. When the students participate in this process, it gave them more ownership and may make them more likely to hold one another accountable for his or her actions. Every student must participate in this process, so if you have 24 students in your classroom you must have at least 24 rules, procedures or routines to start of with. To begin how to establish a rule or procedure I will begin by saying ‘I want you to raise your hand quietly before you speak during a class lessen’. After each student suggestions have been written on the board, we will go through each one and state why this rule may be effective or not effective, taken into consideration the culturally diverse students and the class as a whole. We will then pick the top five classroom rules and I will modify them to make them easier to …show more content…
If you cannot implement the rules and procedures by the first two weeks of the school year, it is certain that the school year would not run as smoothly as you would hope it to. There are three steps to teach classroom procedures. The first step is to explain the classroom procedures clearly. Not only explain but to demonstrate the procedure step by step. The second step is to rehearse the classroom procedures until they become routines. After you have explained and demonstrated the procedures have students practice the procedures, step by step, under your supervision. After each step make sure that the students have performed the steps correctly. The student must repeat these procedures until it becomes routine. The last step is to reinforce a correct procedure and reteach and incorrect one. You have to then determine whether students have learned the procedure or whether they need further explanation, demonstration or practice. Reteach the correct procedure if rehearsal is unacceptable, and give correct feedback, praise the students when done

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