Competency : Stress Management And Stress Essay

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Entry #1

Competency: Stress Management

Developmental Need: I get stressed out easily, when stress arrive I become more upset and less productive. During school year there are a lot of assignments need to be done on time. Every semester I tend to overload one more course, and I also have a part time job that requires 15 hours weekly. Therefore, I don’t really have much time for school work and in addition, I am also a procrastinator. This semester I had an unforgettable experience that made me super nervous. Our team left the project to the last minuets, that really made me worried and I can’t even sleep well because nobody in my team had an idea of what we were going to do and the project is due within a week. We didn’t have a plan until the very last minuets, we met up Wednesday the 18th and still wasn’t able to build it since we are missing some dominos which we think could be one of the most important part of our machine. As a part of the team I am taking part of the responsibility that I could had encaged everyone to start early, so we didn’t need to face that awkward situation.

Course material: Since there are still couple days left before the video is due, I decided to experiment with hope use the pathways thinking to reduce my stress level.

Application: After I related this example to the course material we leant before, I had a deeper understanding of how to handle stress. In this stage, I think nothing can make me feel better but to figure out an actual…

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