Compare And Contrast Super Bowl And World Cup

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Imagine knowing that you are the best team in the whole entire world at a sport. This is how the athletes of the Super Bowl and World Cup feel. They are on stage for the main event of each of these admired sports. Through a lot of emotion and dedication, fans and players will try their hardest to help their team win. Each of the teams have waited and worked countless hours the whole year to get to where they are during this moment. This has been the goal for every professional player and to see them get there is just remarkable. The super bowl and world cup are watched and appreciated by millions, but they can be separated in their respected ways. Even though these events are for two different sports, they can be compared in a variety of ways. These two phenomenons are both appreciated by millions and fans are dedicated to their teams. Fans step it up a gear when this occurrence happens for their beloved side to win. Each event breaks records almost every year as the two sports only get more massive and more exciting. They also both gain respect and are worshiped by a lot of others. Millions become passionate and …show more content…
The obvious difference is that they are two different sports, but you must look beyond that. An enormous difference is the number of people who watch each event. The World cup final was watched by 1.013 billion across the world ( The Super Bowl had only been watched by 103.4 million. There is reasoning for such a sizeable contrast in numbers. One of them being that soccer is televised and played worldwide. While football is only played in the U.S. and only televised to some other countries. The World Cup is the most watched sporting event across everything including the olympics. The World Cup and Super Bowl set records almost every year . Although these two break records all the time, the World Cup edges out the Super Bowl drastically in

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