Personal Narrative Essay On Max And Tyson

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Chantae Jacobs My dogs Max and Tyson are one in the same. They’re both amazing silly dogs that love to play. They both have a lot of energy throughout the day and always find something to get into. Max and Tyson also have a lot of the same eating habits. Although they love food they are very hesitant to eat in front of people. It’s actually pretty funny to watch dogs wait for me to leave to devour their food. They also show similar patterns in their actions. There have been situations when strangers or commotion is going on around somewhere close and they would bark hysterically. There have even been occasion when they would bark at my family and I, not realizing it was us. Anytime you bring treats around they both behave like the best …show more content…
When my family and I first got him he was just a puppy. He was very shy and timid at first, which I thought was normal. After a couple days his personality came through he was bouncing everywhere and he fell in love with anything he could chew on. After a couple months something terrible happen. Tyson got ran over by a car. When my family and I went outside he was just limping to me. He wasn’t whimpering. He was making very loud breathing noises. His paw was completely destroyed. There was blood everywhere just pouring. It was a bone that was sticking up and it looked like someone had snapped it in half. Everyone was in panic. We rushed him to the vet as fast as we could. The doctor and nurses had a hard time cleaning his wound and putting his cast on. I knew that Tyson was in a lot of pain. After a couple of his checkups the doctor said that Tyson’s arm might have to be amputated because it looked like nerves were damaged and his leg would have no use. That took all of us by surprise because we thought about seeing the struggles he would have getting adjust to having three legs. We weren’t very hopeful that Tyson’s leg wouldn’t have to be cut off. He would just lay down 24/7. We would have to carry him outside to use the restroom, feed him, and change his dressing. After a month or so he started to put pressure on his leg and he built back up his strength and soon he started using his leg fully. Now he just has a little dip every time he walks. Tyson loves to play with a ball. Tyson is really lazy sometimes. Somedays Tyson will just roll on his back and go to sleep forever. Tyson is a very heavy sleeper. Noise could be everywhere and he wouldn’t move one bit. He is also very laid back a lot of the time. Although, Tyson as went through a traumatic experience he doesn’t let that leg stop him from getting his

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