Listening To A Concert Analysis

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Experiencing a concert live is breath taking because it comes to realization how much work the artist has put into the music and choreography. Listening to the album is based off of visuals in your head as of what is going on in the song, or how the story is being played out. The concert is about giving the fans a show, but artist also let fans join in on the songs while they sing it just to see how many people actually listen to the music that they have been putting out. You could anticipate similarities and differences when comparing an album and a concert, but would you really know how much would change or what would sound different in an arena compared to your headphones, I don’t think many could. Going in to a concert your heart is racing from anticipation and your nerves are very high because you’re not quite sure what to expect. Listening to an album for the first time is like analyzing a something, you like the artist but are you sure you’re going to like the album? Most don’t know what to expect other than the singles the artist put out to tease the album. …show more content…
The album tracks play a huge role on how they prepare for concerts because there’s a live band and some things wont sound exactly the same, and being able to imitate an computerized band is almost impossible because you can fix mistake when you make them on the computer. When playing live a mistake is supposed to be forgotten about in that split second that it was made. Sounds from a recording studio are different from an open arena also, the reverb and Eco’s can vary from each arena because of the different shapes and sizes of the venues. Just seeing how an album can translate to a concert is amazing, so many things change but it all seems to be the same. The live aspect just gives the fan more than the album did, while still being able to enjoys the album they enjoyed in their home, car, or

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