Compare And Contrast International Student And International Students

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American student and international student are two different types of student. American student has much more advantages when they study in American because they are confident and can speak English very well and clearly. In contrast, international student has more chance to get high scholarship. Even though American student and international students have different advantages, but they all have a same achievement: get high and good grade for their transcripts. Is there any reason for international student to study abroad in America? Or are there any problem for them to study in the U.S.? Most of international students, specially Asian students, don’t like and prefer to hang out with American students. One of the reasons is the English problem. …show more content…
For instance, Furnham & Alibhai show us that “International students indicate a stronger preference for making friends from the same country or student from other nations over student from the host country” ( paragraph 5). International student prefer playing with students from the same country with them or have a same religion. When they come to America, they usually use social network to find the account of another students who study abroad. The reason that they prefer playing with student from the same country because they speak the same language. Also, it’s easier for them to play with each other, communicate and help to each other. Many international students who hang out and prefer playing with America student may easier to adapt to a new life and new friends. Playing with American student will help international student to improve their language. Not only that, they can learn a lot of things about American culture (Furnham & Alibhai, paragraph 4). In a different way, we can see the effect of friend to our life. It’s really hard for international student’s life in America if they don’t have friend. If they have some friend from the same country as them, it’s much easier for them to live in a community. It’s very difficult for international students if they want another student to agree and see their talent. Everyone wants them to be accepted by other people (George D. Kuh and Robert M. Carini, paragraph 5). As you know, friends are really important to everyone. Making friends depend on people’s characteristic. Sociable person can make friend very fast and opposite to people who are not sociable. With students who make less or have no friend, they feel lonely and isolated. Those reasons and make student has depression and it may decrease their participation on every activity that they join. Different from American students who have the same language with most of people in the community,

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