Compare And Contrast Gacker's View Of Theory

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Compare and contrast the views
Similarities among the views Gelso’s (2006) view of theory is similar, in some respects, to that of Wacker’s (1998). The reason for this conclusion is that there are similarities due to the criteria that determine the testability of the theory, as testability has a close relationship with generalizability. The reason for this conclusion is that testability infers generalizability as well, as if the theory can be tested, it should be generalizable in order to be useful. Research that is not generalizable is usually not worth doing. Also, both Gelso’s (2006) theory view and Wacker’s (1998) view stress logic as being an important criterion for a theory. What this means is that both views stress internal consistency
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Research is an activity that is undertaken to test a theory. Research is also an activity that results in viable information regarding problems that are of interest to the researcher. Carefully stating the problem will result in a better outcome regarding the development of a solution (Ellis & Levy, 2008). For example, if the problem is the fact that organizations are not able to successfully implement a sales force automation (SFA)/customer relationship management (CRM) system, the researcher will want to explore the possible theories related to technology adoption.
How research can contribute to theory
Research can contribute to theory through testing One way that research can contribute to theory is through the ability to actually field test the theory itself in a real-life situation in the setting in which the problem occurs. The example above discussed the problem as being the fact that sales organizations have not been able to successfully implement an SFA/CRM system for their salespeople. Research can enable these organizations to test a theory, such as Rogers’ diffusion of innovations theory, to determine if this is a viable method of adoption for the
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Improving relationships between managers and salespeople is also a factor in improving the outcome of the above proposed study in the field of the adoption of SFA/CRM technology (Desphande & Webster, 1989). Having favorable relationships in place and avoiding organizations that are in a survival mode can also strengthen the relationship between the theory and the research. In addition, marketers should be aware that simply choosing an organization in survival mode to easily get this type of organization on board in order to complete one’s study is not ethical (Ferrell & Gresham,

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