Compare And Contrast Blake And Mouton's Managerial Grid Theory

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1. Explain the behavioral approach and two general kinds of behaviors. What is the central purpose of the behavioral approach?
The behavioral approach emphasizes the behavior of the leader (what makes them effective). While this approach looks at two different types of behaviors. Task behavior, which is orientated at goal accomplishments in the term of helping the followers achieve objectives. Second is relationship behavior with is how a leader helps the followers feel comfortable with themselves, each other and the situation. The central purpose of this approach is to focus on what leaders do and how they act.
2. Compare and contrast Blake and Mouton’s managerial grid theory to the Ohio State and Michigan studies.
Blake & mountons managerial leadership grid theory is designed to explain how leaders help organizations reach their goals, from two factors. First being concern for production, prioritizing task and concern for people, attending to the needs of the followers. The Ohio studies puts emphasis on relationship and task behaviors, while the Michigan studies targets employee orientation and production orientation as the two types of leadership behaviors. They differ by the how their theory’s target leadership. From
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Does a leader’s motivation for adapting his or her leadership style have any effect on followers? In other words, would a leader with a high concern for task differ from a leader with a high concern for relationships?
It would depend on the job. For instance if you worked for Starbucks and wanted to gain repeat business though creating personal relationships with your customers than focusing more on relationships with not only customers but your followers would be a key to achieving the goals. While in retail focusing on task would be a higher priority, thus being more involved and focus on the goals would get the attention from the followers. Either gains the followers but the job, and attitude of the followers is drastically

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