Compare And Contrast Renaissance Art

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Josephane Milfort
Myp History
May 13, 2016

The renaissance arts had a greater affect on society compared to arts during the Middle ages.
Art during the Italian Renaissance were much different from art during the Middle Ages. They both have very distinct characteristics and concepts. In the Middle ages religion was a major part of life. Everyday, society revolved around the church and God. Culture in the Middle Ages influenced the arts; which was very much noticeable in most religious themes. There wasn’t any portrait paintings in the arts of the Middle Ages. The colors weren’t so bright and outstanding compared to paintings in the Renaissance. While the Renaissance was moving in a fast motion coming up with new technology and other
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focused on representing a more modern, human perspective way of life. Renaissance artists’ works showed realism with realistic human figures in their paintings, sculptures and art works. Renaissance artists expressed a lot of ancient Greek and Roman cultures in their work, instead of going off of religion. Arts in the Renaissance gave life a new way to view and show human reason and development. Art was a distinguish difference between the Renaissance and Middle Ages. Literature and science was also major parts of the Renaissance. They focused more on life and what 's happening around them, that eventually helped influenced them to come up with new ideas and concepts.
There were many different arts in both the Middle ages and the Renaissance. Those arts got their names depending on their specific structure or style. There was a lot of different styles of arts exposed during the Middle ages, although there wasn 't as much expression like the Renaissance period. Some of those arts were Byzantine Art, Romanesque Art, and Gothic Art. Even though the Middle ages had a full amount of different styles of art, the Renaissance develop other ideas of art. Those ideas was technology, science, architecture , literature and a couple other
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What made the Renaissance arts better was the fact that they expressed broad knowledge about different ideas and other things in many area fields. In addition their arts were so much better because they had more uniques properties than the arts painted during the Middle Ages. The new ideas of art advance the production of resources and other values in Italy. The arts were not limited to styles or how they looked, but however they were a new intellectual direction. As they evolved, more people got into the new ideas of arts and expression.
There were many different artists that contributed to the evolution of art in both the Renaissance and Medieval ages. From them many types of new strategies were introduced. Those artists each put out new detailed ways towards realism in their paintings and sculptures. There was a huge diversity in the artistic style throughout the Middle Ages and the

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