Company Description Of Greaterthings Freelance Content Company

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Company Description

GreaterThings Freelance Content Company (GreaterThings FCC) is a writing company that provides quality blog and website content on an as-needed basis. Founded in 2016 by owner and operator Grace Treadaway, the company is based in Orangeburg, South Carolina and serves as a way to supply others with useful content while furthering Ms. Treadaway’s writing career. She has seven years of creative writing experience and is currently pursuing her Associate’s Degree in General Business. This is her first year in business and her goal is to provide quality written freelance articles for blogs and online websites. Each article is written to meet the client’s specific criteria and the company manages it’s own information contacts and research and provides a complete, alphabetized list of sources along with each piece. GreaterThings FCC is a useful resource for website owners, bloggers and others in need of quality content on their terms.

Business Mission

Mission Statement: GreaterThings Freelance Content Company’s mission is to supply our clients with excellent material carefully tailored to meet all of their criteria. Being in the freelance writing business, the organization’s single employee - Ms. Treadaway – fully understands the business mission and its entire structure. Ms. Treadaway’s five-year goal is to have established a twenty-client company and continue providing quality freelance work to our customers. Our business focuses on both tangible and…

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