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Childhood Cooking
Beckie Wakefield
ITT Tech

Childhood Cooking
Think back to childhood years and those few things done at home with mom or dad that seemed so small then but have come to be a favorite memory. Of all the aspects of my childhood one of the most influential and memory filled was cooking in the kitchen with my mother. In addition to cooking being a favorite memory for me I believe it is a great activity to do with children, it is a useful lifelong skill and it is relaxing and enjoyable. I am grateful that I was taught how to cook and how to enjoy cooking as a child. It has filtered into my life as an adult and my family now.
I can recall the wonderful smells of the traditional fall time cooking, apple crisp, whoopee
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As a 20 year old I quickly wowed friends with great meals I would make that were not microwaveable. Makenzie is amazed when I tell her how I made dinner or what I did to put together a meal, she has never been exposed to a woman who takes pride in and loves to cook. Being only eight years old there are limited things I let her help with in the kitchen but she has learned when something is cooked and ready to eat just by paying attention to little tricks I share with her.
Just watching is the best way to learn a lot about how to cook. Makenzie and her dad know that when I randomly start making baked sweets that I have probably had a bad day or I am bored. I find cooking relaxing and I enjoy cooking daily. Makenzie is starting to pick up on the enjoyment as well; I have discovered her favorite task is frosting cupcakes because she can decorate them to her liking. I need my time in the kitchen, sometimes it is the only time during a day where I am doing something alone. More satisfaction comes to me once I have made dinner, put it on the table and Makenzie exclaims how good it is and that I have won her approval. Childhood is crazy, fun, and full of memories people never forget. Cooking with my mother captured a spot in my memory forever. The experiences of burnt cookies, and hard pasta in my spaghetti sit right alongside with the perfect baked chicken and adorable cupcakes I eventually learned to make by myself.

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