Community Service: First Impressions Essay

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The Jacaranda workshop was founded in 1985 by Mr. Allan Spybey, and it was started along with The Jacaranda special school.The purpose of the Jacaranda special school and workshop is to provide an educational base for the mentally challenged children of Nairobi, and to provide training and employment opportunity for the mentally handicapped adults as well. To be able to work at the workshop, the mentally handicapped adults must have undergone training at the Jacaranda school of the special, and must be at least eighteen years of age.

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After 22 long years of Mr, Spybey;’s dedicated and full hearted service that made Jacaranda what it is today, He stepped down and retired, allowing his good friend Tina Dass to come in and replace him in his management and director positions. She has been managing the workshop since 2007 up to present. The workshop has received assistance from the likes of The Kenya Fair Trades Organization for Artisans (KEFAT) which helps to support the less privileged of Nairobi exporting their goods worldwide, and in this case, the KEFAT organizations helps Jacaranda export their jewellery to international markets.

There are currently eight supervisors and managers working at the workshop, who overlook the production quality of the beads and also make sure that the workers are doing well and have no problems. They take in adults who are suffering from a number of mental disabilities and allow them to have a better fighting chance for the future. These are just some of the disabilities that the adults who are working at the workshops at Jacaranda suffer from: autism, down syndrome, epilepsy, deafness, muteness, and depression.


I have to admit that the Jacaranda workshop was not even a consideration of mine when it came to the many options of charity organizations to volunteer at. All of the other organizations that I had picked to volunteer at were full and had no vacant spots for community service students.

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