Community Nursing Reflection Paper

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This is an individual reflection paper of the group project report of the Public Health and Community Health Nursing module. In this individual paper I am going to present my personal thoughts and feelings on the chosen topic, and discusses its implication for nursing practice. For this group project, I am required to work in a group and use the nursing process approach to identify nursing problems, develop three prioritized nursing care goals, propose nursing action to address the identified problems and suggest ways to implement the action plan. We also have to identify method to evaluate the nursing outcome against the preset goals and discuss the expected difficulties that will be encountered during the implementation of the nursing care …show more content…
I have experiences of referring cases to community nurse service before patient discharge in ward that need out-patient treatment but have difficulty in attending OPD for follow up. Sometimes I refer the patients for wound dressing, or maybe to monitor tuberculosis drug taking and blood taking service. All these services seems trivial, but after the lectures, I know that community nurse would do a lot of other assessment to the patient during their visits, they would the vital signs of patient, change of behavior or habits, personal and environment hygiene, and give instruction or advice accordingly. In order to facilitate the work of the community nurse, from now on, I would do more preparation of patient before he or she is discharged from hospital. I would discuss the care plan with doctor or other allied health staff before patient is home. If patient has insufficient manpower at home, we may refer to home help service, for example the integrated home care service. If the patient has financial problem, we should refer to medical social worker. And in order to encourage social activity, I should refer patient to day care centre before patient discharge. And I should provide a valid telephone number of patient or relatives so that the community nurse can contact with the

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