Community Engagement By Increasing Awareness And Participation For Local Volunteer Opportunities

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Deepen associate community engagement by increasing awareness and participation in local volunteer opportunities
Increase associate involvement in company’s philanthropic initiatives
Focus support on local organizations to maximize impact in communities
Increase customer engagement in community giving through support of cause marketing campaigns ENVIRONMENT
In looking for more information on their goals and performances I found their “Easy on the Planet” This page talks about the goals and initiatives for their environmental plan mentioned in the Goals and Performance page. Their green visions are:
• Offer only sustainable choices to our customers
• Recycle 100% of the technology products we sell
• Pursue zero waste in our operations
• Maximize energy efficiency and renewable energy use
• Drive positive change in the world community

With their visions they give their place their goals right below them. These goals are to are the goals stated in the Goals and Performance page.
Staples already started to achieve these goals. When looking at their “Easy on the Plant” page, its states some of their initiatives and progress. Some of its progress is:
• Staples currently 100% of staples electricity purchase are green.
• In 2012, they helped U.S. customers recycle more than 72.4 million ink and toner cartridges and more than 12.7 million pounds of technology waste.
• Reducing…

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