Community Diversity : The Implications Of Its Adoption On An Organisation Behaviour

806 Words Dec 6th, 2015 4 Pages
The purpose of this essay is to define workforce diversity and explore the implications of its adoption on an organisations behaviour. Firstly, the subtle variations in diversity description and meaning will be explored. Secondly, the effects both positive and negative on the organisation and individuals will be investigated. Thirdly, effective workforce diversity implementation methods will be discussed along with benefits. Finally, a summary and recommendation will be provided.

The term workplace diversity is usually defined as a workplace containing employees of different social, cultural and demographic segments, that bring differing viewpoints to an organisation (Pitt-Catsouphes et al. 2013 p.239). Diversity in the workplace can also be viewed from a group or individual position. At the group level it is the level of deviation of characteristics of group members, whereas an individual’s variance from a group norm is a measure of diversity (Qin et al. 2014, p.136).
Workplace diversity is essentially focused on recognising the differences between people and developing an understanding, acceptance and value to those differences (Prause & Mujtaba 2015, p.16) and empowering employees regardless of minority group identification (Fujimoto et al. 2013, p.148). The development a sound organisational culture is dependent the compilation of the values, cultural factors and self-perception of the organisations members (Aghazadeh 2004, p.522). Additionally, it is…

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