Community Colleges And The United States Essays

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In the United States today, there are various way in which individuals can further their education. One can easily opt to attend extended individual classes, vocational trade, community college or a four-year university. Once completed, they obtain specific certifications, which vary from a certificate to a PHD. While these options provide educational opportunities for all, some would argue that there is an over utilization of community colleges. “In the Defense of Elitism”, William A. Henry III argues that taxpayers are forced to foot the bill, community colleges are over crowded, and that community colleges lowers the educational standards. While I agree with some of Henry’s assertions, I believe that community colleges provide far more benefits to students overall that assist students in obtaining a higher education.
As community colleges have a much lower tuition then universities, the reality is that the taxpayers are forced to absorb the extra cost. This cost deeply cuts into other financial needs within that community. Henry explains, “The total bill for higher education is about $150 billion per year, with almost two thirds of that spent by public institutions run with tax payer’s funds is that costs too much for taxpayers there is no return” (X). Henry proposes to, “Let us reduce, over perhaps a five year span, the number of high school graduates who go on to college from nearly 60% to a still generous 33%” (X). As a new financial structure is desperately needed so…

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