Ready To Eat Fast Food Analysis

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1. Communicatively Meaningful Context:
Eating healthy is not always easy for students and the community at large. Even though many people may know that it is important to eat healthy, it is easy to get swept up into bad eating habits. Students will learn about the main nutrients that their bodies need in order to grow and maintain a healthy body. With the goal of creating healthy lifestyles, the students will learn why our bodies need certain foods and what happens when we eat “toxic” foods such as fast food. In order to help make changes, the students will not only learn about the types of foods that we should be eating but how to actually make eating healthy happen by looking at actual recipes and food nutrition labels. Throughout the journey
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Persuasive Text Context Check:
Genre Specific Reading Task – The Monster Health Book: A Guide to Eating Healthy, Being Active, and Feeling Great for Monsters and Kids by Edward Miller
a. Does the text constitute a real-world attempt to persuade? (explain)
i. Yes, the author teaches about nutrients, food illnesses, reading food labels, the benefits of each meal, as well as the importance of sleep and exercise.
b. Does the text add to the perspectives and knowledge students already possess about the problem presented in the text? (explain)
i. Yes, most students know that they need to eat healthy but they don’t necessarily know how. By gaining knowledge about why our bodies need healthy food and how to make this happen the students will be able to make appropriate life style changes. Not only will the students make their own changes but they will also have the knowledge and opportunity to persuade others to eat
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Yes, the students are part of the audience. This book is written for kids to learn all about healthy life style choices such as eating healthy, sleeping, and exercising. This book does not just tell students what they need to do but the book really helps kids understand how to make the necessary changes.
Authentic Writing Task – Write Description of Persuasive Text Students will Create Here
d. Who is the audience that wants or needs to be convinced of something? Can student writing reach this audience?
i. People all over the world need to be convinced to eat healthy. Due to obesity and other health issues, our society needs to learn the value of eating healthy. However, just being told to do something is easier said than done. Instead, people need to be shown why eating healthy is important and exactly how to do it. These people need to be convinced that even though fast food is convenient there are still better and more appropriate options. ii. Yes, the students can reach and persuade this audience by creating various blog postings that will teach about why and how we need to eat healthy. The blogs will also include easy healthy recipes that will allow the readers to have an idea on how to kick off their healthy eating.
e. Do students have enough background knowledge to address this issue?

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