Communication : It 's Blocking And Its Facilitation By Carl R. Rogers

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The article “Communication: It’s Blocking and Its Facilitation by Carl R. Rogers discusses his two ideologies on communication. Rogers first starts the article by describing a person who needs psychotherapy, which is someone who has a failure in communication. A person who has communication issues has the issue with himself and with social relationships. Rogers then gives his two claims about communications. His first claim on communication is he knows what is hindering people from communicating with each other. Then his second belief is how a person 's own experience takes a toll on advances or promoting communication. Rogers gives a hypothesis which is people judge each other. People are putting too much judgement and feeling into other people 's statements and the other person 's point of view is not understood. Rogers claims that judgment and feelings are the major setback to social communication. A way he claims on fixing the barrier is by not evaluating what a person says, but understand the other person 's own point of view. He then has an experiment on how to really communicate and understand a person without judging. The experiment entails a person has to listen to another and be able to summarize that person’s feel then do the same for the other person and at the end come to a conclusion. The author later states this type of communication does not occur because people are in fear of judgement and lack courage. Having people talk in groups can help communication or…

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