Essay on Communication Between Parents And Teachers

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Communication between parents and teachers is a vital part of the education process. Establishing and maintaining a strong home-school line of communication can benefit children, parents and educators. Children feeling more comfortable at school, Parents have a better understanding of their child’s development and capabilities and educators can gain increased support from families (Estes & Krogh 2012). I believe that is it important to have many avenues for home-school communication both in the formal and informal settings. According to Yvette Lee, interpersonal interactions are invaluable to building relationships and creating engaging experiences.
When communicating with parents it is important to remember to always praise the child’s abilities and strengths as well as addressing any concerns you have. This is often referred to as the “communication sandwich,” saying a positive thing followed by your concerns and ending on a positive note. Communication can be done in the informal setting by informing parents when they can most easily reach you, whether it is by phone, email, or other methods that best meet their needs. On the other hand, communication can also be done in a more formal setting such as parent-teacher conferences or parents meetings. It is still important to understand that you should still use positive feedback when discussing your concerns in the formal setting. Another essential part of communication is the awareness of cultural and language diversities.…

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